FC Bayern Youth Cup México 2021 – Celaya

The FC Bayern Youth Cup in Mexico kicked off with its first Regional Tournament in Celaya, Guanajuato, and the first two teams qualified for the National Final to be played at the Miguel Alemán Valdés Stadium on July 10 have been defined.

Santa Rosa, the team benefitted by FC Bayern for this edition of the tournament played Celaya A, a selection of the best players across local leagues, and got away with an important win that would later define the outcome of the semifinals. The group was topped, though, by the other representative from the city, Celaya B, who beat both teams comfortably.

Meanwhile, in Group A, Tigre FC and Real Estrellas kicked the group off with a close match that ‘Estrellas’ barely won by a goal; however, Tigre le did welcome GSI Academy from Querétaro in a very tight encounter which they were able to win. GSI and Real Estrellas played one of the best games from the group stage in the final game with a 1-1 draw.

Santa Rosa, then, had to play against GSI a play-off for a ticket to the semifinals, and they were given a run for their money in a game they won on penalties. Selectivo Celaya A, in the other play-off game, beat Tigre FC.

Celaya B were first to get their ticket for the National Final after a goal-less draw in the first half they were able to snatch a late goal and follow it up rapidly with a second.

Real Estrellas and Santa Rosa was a massive game for both – Santa Rosa got the advantage but soon enough they were trailing Real Estrellas by a goal. Late in the second half, a couple of goals, one from the penalty spot, gave them their ticket to the National Final.

Celaya A got the third place, while in the Final, Celaya B was able to beat Santa Rosa and were crowned Regional Champions of the FC Bayern Youth Cup 2021, that continues on the path to the National Final with Regionals in Monterrey, Guadalajara, Estado de México and Mexico City.