FC Bayern Youth Cup México 2021 – Guadalajara

The third Regional tournament of the FC Bayern Youth Cup México was played this past weekend in Guadalajara, and we got to know the two teams that will play in the National Final.

On Saturday June 12, over 60 players representing 3 different counties from within Jalisco, showed up to play for the two tickets for the National Final. Teams from Cihuatlán, Tlajomulco de Zuñiga, Guadalajara and Arenal played from early in the morning with Legados Jalisco losing to Tlajomulco’s representative by 3-0.

Cihuatlán, meanwhile, also won by three goals in their first match against Arenal, getting the first important 3 points. The winners would later play Tlajomulco, with Cihuatlán getting a clear advantage in the first half but almost getting caught in the second half, barely winning 4-3.

Simultaneously, Legados and Arenal played a really interesting and tight game that Legados managed to win.

Finally, Cihuatlán played Legados looking for that 1st place spot, while Tlajomulco faced Arenal. Legados managed to score first in their game, and were able to keep it up for a while, even looking anxiously at the clock looking for that Final spot, until Cihuatlán was able to get an equalizer and with Tlajomulco’s victory against Arenal, they got the final place.

Legados was able to beat Arenal 4-3 and got the third place after a ver, very close game between the two teams.

Cihuatlán and Tlajomulco were up to the task for the final, as both of them played their best bits of football and chances were created for both teams. Emotions were running high, until Cihuatlán, deep in the second half, got the goal that got them the Regional title.