FC Bayern Youth Cup México 2021 – Monterrey

After successfully kicking off the FC Bayern Youth Cup with the Regional tournament in Celaya, we got to know the two teams that will represent Monterrey at the National Final on July 10.

The final four tournament in Monterrey was played last Saturday June 5, with over 50 players showing up from early to look for a chance to play in the National Final.

The first game was played by Real Cananeas, team benefitted by Club Tigres for this edition of the tournament, and Piedras Negras, who came all the way from Coahuila, which ended as a 2-0 victory for Cananeas.

The second game of the final four was Lobos’ debut, a representative team from San Pedro and FC Dinastía, that earned a 3-1 victory.

Real Cananeas against Lobos San Pedro and Piedras Negras against FC Dinastía were played simultaneously, in two of the most competed games from the first stage. Both games were decided on the second half by a 1 goal difference, 3-2 and 2-1 for Cananeas and Dinastía.

Cananeas and Dinastía played each other in the final stage of the group phase, and Dinastía won by only one goal.

Lobos San Pedro and Piedras Negras played twice consecutively in the last game of the group stage and in the match for the third place, with both games finishing with draws, 4-4 and 1-1; in both cases, Lobos San Pedro won on penalties, and both times in sudden death.

Real Cananeas and FC Dinastía faced each other again in the Final. Both keepers were key to their team’s final score, as both teams were creating plenty of chances in a nonstop game. Ultimately, FC Dinastía managed to get the lead and late in the second half extend it twice.

Both teams will have the chance to show their skills against the other champions of runner-ups from the Regional tournaments that will follow.

Congratulations FC Dinastía and Real Cananeas on your great win!