Youth cup history

The FC Bayern Youth Cup has become one of the most prestigious of its category. It is the oldest of its kind organized by a football powerhouse, culminating in a world final at the Allianz Arena

Throughout its existence, teams from across various continents have been able to organize and carry out National tournaments, such as Nigeria, China, South Korea, Italy, Austria, Germany, Singapore, Thailand, United States, Brazil, India, among many others, choosing the best players to represent them in the World Finals.

FC Bayern has organized the local selection of players in each of these places through various selection processes: from one-day events, weekend-long events, to national competitions with internal qualifiers over several months and including more than 10,000 players per country. This leads to a final in the participating country, in which a representative of FC Bayern picks a national team consisting of the top 10 players of the tournament. The World Finals are played each year at the Allianz Arena the day after the first team’s last home game.

Some champions from previous editions include Italy, Germany, Thailand and the United States, but no country has yet managed to win it more than twice.

Previous editions

Youth Cup 2020

It was not carried out because of the pandemic situation

Youth Cup 2019

Youth Cup 2018

Youth Cup 2017