Categories: Men born in any of the following years 2004, 2005 and 2006 (born between January 1st, 2004 and December 31st, 2006).

Each team may register a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 15 players (in the case of including two goalkeepers) for the regional phase, and may make a maximum of 3 registrations and withdrawals for the National Final in case of qualifying, as long as the maximum of players does not exceed 15.

As it is an amateur tournament, teams or affiliates of professional clubs of any division and / or affiliated to any Federation that in turn are affiliated to FIFA cannot participate

Awards and Mexican National Team

The champion, runner-up and third place of each Regional Tournament will receive: 1 trophy and 1 medal for each of their players and coach.

Trophies will also be awarded to: Top scorer of the tournament (provided he takes part in the National Final) Best goalkeeper of the tournament (provided he takes part in the National Final) and Fair Play Award.

The following categories will also be awarded:
  • Top scorer of the tournament (who participates in the National Grand Final)
  • Fair Play Prize

Main Prize: During the National Grand Final, a representative of FC Bayern Munich will select the 10 best players of the tournament (regardless of their team’s final position in the competition) to represent Mexico in the FC Bayern Youth Cup World Final 2021 to be held at the Allianz Arena in Munich, Germany *.

Selected players will have:

  • Travel all-included from Mexico City to Munich, Germany in economy class.
  • Transportation, accommodation and meals in Munich for the 5 days of experience
  • Uniform for participation in the finals.
  • Play their games of the finals at the Allianz Arena stadium against the National Representatives of the other participating nations such as USA, Austria, Nigeria and Germany.
  • Meet & Greet with a first team player of Bayern Munich *.
  • Training sessions with the coaches of the Bayern Munich youth system.

*Subject to the epidemiological situation (COVID19) and state and federal authorities permitting. In the cases that:

  1. The Final Phase in Germany is postponed: the dates in Mexico will be postponed according to the final phase calendar, taking place with the same separation of weeks and ending one month before the date on which finals are scheduled in Germany.
  2. It takes place in Mexico and the Final Phase in Germany is canceled: The selected team will keep its place for the 2022 edition.
  3. The tournament in Mexico is canceled due to contingency: teams that have completed the entire registration process will be reimbursed under the refund policy available on our website, or they will be able to keep their place for the 2022 edition.
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Competition system

FIFA Rules applied

Format: Soccer 7

Match lenght: 2 halves of 20 minutes each with 5 minutes of half-time and switch of sides.

Minimum number of games to play per team: 3

A game is “complete” when at least one of the times has expired in case of cancellation.

Substitutions: teams may substitute one player for another only with the permission of the referee and when the ball has left the field.

The tournament has a short format in each state and a National Final. It will be played with teams distributed in groups of 4 (four), all of them playing each other once. In cases where there are 8 and 16 teams, the teams that finish first and second of each group will qualify for the quarter-finals or semi-finals respectively. In cases where there are 12 teams, the best 2 from each group and the best 2 third places will qualify for the quarterfinal round. There can be draws only in the group stage.

K.O.s round (quarterfinals, semifinals and final) will bbe one-legged, and in case of a draw in regular time, the winner will be decided on penalties. Each team will have 3 shots which will be taken alternately between both teams; in case the draw remains, from the 4th penalty onwards, it will be a sudden death format.

After the semifinals, there will be a match for third and fourth place. If any of the teams qualified for the National Final does not confirm their participation in it, these teams will be invited, in that order, to take their place.

Teams that will qualify to the National Grand Final:

  • Champion and Runner-up of each Regional edition
  • Celaya – May 22-23
  • Edomex – May 29-30
  • Monterrey – June 5-6
  • Guadalajara – June 12-13
  • Pachuca – June 19-20
  • CDMX – June 26-27

The National Final will be played between the champion and runner-up teams of each Regional tournaments, as well as semifinalists of the CDMX tournament at the Miguel Alemán stadium in the City of Celaya, Guanajuato, on July 10, 2021

Qualified teams must confirm their participation and player registration format, as well as complete the registration and/or withdrawal process before the given date. If otherwise, the third place will be invited (who will have 72 hours to confirm) and if they in turn reject or withdraw, the fourth place will also have 72 hours to confirm their participation.

Download the Rules

Registration and costs

Registration is by team only, there is no registration of individual players. In order to make the registration request, the application form must be sent with all the corresponding fields completed before April 28 for Celaya, Edomex and Monterrey, and May 4 for Guadalajara, Pachuca and Mexico City

If the application is approved, the team registration grid will be sent, which must be attached in excel and pdf formats.


  • Registration (includes registration, arbitrations and registration): $1,500
  • Participation shirts (one white shirt + one red shirt): $1,000
  • Total per player: $2,500

All documentation of the participating players should be submitted to register:

  1. Verification of valid Passport in order to be selectable for the National Team.
  2. Recent digital child size photo that matches the passport (color)
  3. Uniform sheet
  4. Proof of payment *
  5. Responsive letter and privacy notice
  6. Letter of commitment from parents
  7. Letter of commitment from the team delegation
  8. Signed Tournament Rules and Regulations

If you do not meet all the corresponding requirements, the application will not proceed and the organization reserves the right of admission.

If the application is accepted, a period of 7 business days will be given to register all players, coach and team delegates and make the payment by deposit or bank transfer. Accepting the request does not commit the organization to award one of the corresponding places.

If admitted, the team will be assigned one slot in the corresponding Regional Tournament and its delegate will be in charge of receiving the records and uniform of their team

Tournament cancellation and force majeure

Neither the FC Bayern Youth Cup nor the organizer are liable for financial losses or damages that may occur due to events beyond the control of the FC Bayern Youth Cup or the organizer, such as war events, epidemics such as COVID19, fires, floods, disruptions in public transport connections, government actions, strike or other similar circumstances.

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